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InSilc Plenary Meeting – Rotterdam


The latest InSilc plenary meeting was held in Erasmus University Medical Center based in Rotterdam, Netherlands on 29th/30th November. ERASMUS MC is affiliated with Erasmus University and home to its faculty of medicine, is the “largest and one of the most authoritative scientific University Medical Centers in Europe.

The plenary meeting was held almost exactly 1 year after the project kick-off meeting, with project partners providing exciting updates on developments within the Tasks.

InSilc Plenary Meeting – Galway, Ireland


The Biomechanics Research Centre (BioMEC) at NUI Galway will host the next plenary meeting of the InSilc Consortium in the Alice Perry Engineering Building on the 5th and 6th July 2018.

Galway is a global hub for the medical technology industry. Eight of the world’s top ten med-tech companies are based here, including Boston Scientific, a key partner in the InSilc consortium.

The meeting also takes place ahead of the World Congress of Biomechanics, which will be held in Dublin, Ireland on the 8th-12th July. Several InSilc partners will be presenting their work at this conference (

Who are we?

InSiSt is a multidisciplinary Consortium with complementary expertise and experience to support the value chain that the project envisages to achieve. Interventional cardiologists, technical partners with extensive expertise in the field of computer modelling and simulation: (i) biomedical imaging (USFD, FORTH), (ii) coronary fluid dynamics (ERASMUSMC, USFD, CBSET), mechanical modelling and biomechanics (POLIMI, FORTH, NUIG, USFD, BIOIRC), experts in the field of in vitro mechanical testing (BIOIRC) and animal studies (CBSET), biology experts (CNR, FORTH), CRO with significant experience in providing services for regulatory authorizations and clinical trials for biomedical products (MCR), Cloud experts for platforms development and integration (FEOPS), Stent Biomedical Industry with high expertise in the design, development and manufacture of coronary stents (BSL) will join forces to accomplish the InSiSt objectives and deliver all the intermediate and final project expected outcomes.

The InSilc Project

The aim of InSilc: In-silico trials for drug-eluting BVS development and evaluation is to develop an in-silicoclinical trial (ISCT) platform for designing, developing and assessing drug-eluting bioresorbable vascular scaffolds (BVS), through building on the comprehensive biological and biomedical knowledge and advanced modelling approaches, towards simulating their implantation performance in the individual cardiovascular physiology.

The InSilc platform is based on the extension of existing multidisciplinary and multiscale models for mechanical behaviour, deployment and degradationfluid dynamics, in the micro– and macroscale, and myocardial perfusion for predicting the drug-eluting BVS and vascular wall interaction, in the short– and medium/long term. 


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