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Our priority in Dissemination of InSilc is to raise awareness of the InSilc platform to ensure it will reach the target audiences that may benefit from applying it in their research, development of products and treatment strategies. Effective communication of the InSilc project aims and results will facilitate a better understanding of key issues relating to BVS design, development and implementation to key industry, clinical and regulatory stakeholders.

All the activities within the dissemination plan are organised around the following main objectives:

  • To inform audiences about existence of the project, its purpose and potential impacts, improve visibility and presence of consortium partners in the field of stent research and industry.
  • To develop use-case scenarios and platform development benchmark and examples of its practical applicability.
  • To effectively disseminate information of the activities of the project.
  • To communicate outcomes to multiple audiences.
  • To convince target audience (researchers, stent producers, healthcare providers, etc) to adopt the platform and attract end users.

Five target groups has been identified as part of the InSilc Dissemination Plan and the dissemination strategy has been tailored to maximise the impact and/or level of engagement with each group, throughout each phase of the implementation of the dissemination plan. The five target groups comprises of the (i) research community (ii) private sector (iii) clinical/regulatory (iv) healthcare providers and (v) general public. The InSilc Dissemination strategy focuses on interacting with target groups during two distinct phases of the project. Phase one focuses on raising awareness of the project, while also seeking important engagement with key stakeholders, while phase two focuses on dissemination of results of the InSilc use-case scenarios and overall project outcomes, with a view exploitation of the InSilc Platform.