Press releases

Several press releases for the InSilc project  have taken place as following:

European Commission, Digital Single Market Strategy Website: Digital clinical trials to prevent coronary artery disease

Virtual Physiological Human Newsletter: InSilc – In silico Trials for Drug-Eluting Bioabsorbable Vascular Scaffold (BVS) Development and Evaluation

Politecnico di Milano Website News Item : Virtual reality for stroke and heart attack research

Press release is presented in the website of the 2nd Department of Cardiology department in Ioannina

Public Outreach Research Night ( We took this opportunity as an exploitation activity towards the community.

Public broadcast on Italian television on EU projects at POLIMI and in particular LaBS was requested to present The InSilc project (and generally the concept of in silico clinical trials) were presented.

FORTH Website: Innovative Biodegradable Vascular Implants – Revolution in the Treatment of Coronary Disease

Press release in local press

Press release on Platinum magazine

Public Outreach  – International exposition “Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human survival”  – within the Italian installation (“Four  elements taking care”)  at the XXII Triennale di Milano (Milan, 1st March-1st September 2019)  – in particular POLIMI (the laboratory LaBS) participated with an interactive large panel entitled “Designing stents for restoring blood flow”, where the InSIlc project was illustrated (with INSIST, the other EU project at POLIMI-LaBS).

Interview was given in the Serbian local tv (

Press release presenting the project progress and results communicated to EU Digital Single Market website / Projects Story.

Avicenna Alliance Website News Item: Mediolanum Cardio Research joins the Avicenna Alliance for the start of 2020!

Avicenna Alliance Website News Item: Case studies on In Silico medicine